Saturday, March 7, 2020

Ozone Can Be Used To Kill THE BRAND NEW Covid-19 Virus And Sanitize Institutions

Viruses typically aren't really living organisms by itself. They are complex bio-molecules that require a full time income cell to become active.

Ozone gas has been proven to kill the SARS coronavirus and since the structure of the new 2019-nCoV coronavirus is almost identical to that of the SARS coronavirus, it is relatively safe to say that it will also work on the new coronavirus though it must be noted that there is no studies to date except one that is current ongoing n China at the Institute of Virology In Hubei with regards to this. Progress of that study has shown that it works and the study should be concluded by the end of this week and officially published in the journal Virology.

As the coronavirus continues to advance and be even more cruel, there are plenty of unanswered questions as there's been no proper clinical or scientific tests which have been completed onto it yet in relation to its characteristics etc as the 2019-nCoV coronavirus (Covid-19) only made its maiden debut in December 2019.

They're questions about how exactly long a virus like the coronavirus, may survive outside a bunch ie on surfaces.

It really is wrong to assume that the coronavirus can only just remain active for some hours on surface as suggested by one health organization via its online site, that's claiming it’s the leading way to obtain data on the coronavirus when there is absolutely no scientific proof that.

The influenza virus may survive anything between 5 hours up to seven days on another surface according to the environment temperature and humidity whereas noroviruses that normally attack the intestinal tract, may survive up to a month on surfaces even in hot and dry weather and may withstand most disinfectants.

Typically most respiratory viruses like the coronavirus favour a cooler temperature.

There's been no studies done up to now on the brand new coronavirus or actually on the SARS virus, its ‘close cousin’ in relation to how long it could survive outside on surfaces.

To become safe, as we still do not really know how long these coronavirus can survive on surfaces, its best to disinfect areas that have lots of contact with people whether or not they are showing signs of having been infected or not.

One good way to do that is by deploying ozone gas.

There are more than 17 scientific studies that show Ozone gas is able to destroy the SARS coronavirus.

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas created from oxygen atoms. The oxygen molecule is made up of 2 oxygen atoms. These oxygen molecules are broken into atoms by the corona discharge during lightning storms or by UV light from the Sun. Single oxygen atoms cannot exist alone without regrouping back into di-atomic oxygen molecules. During this recombination stage some atoms will regroup into loosely bonded tri-atomic oxygen. This new molecule is called Ozone or O3.

Ozone generators are able to make ozone from normal air and are normally used as room disinfectants.

The antipathogenic effects of ozone have been substantiated for several decades. Its killing action upon bacteria, viruses, fungi, and in many species of protozoa, serve as the basis for its increasing use in disinfecting municipal water supplies in cities worldwide.

Typically, viruses are small, independent particles, built of crystals and macromolecules. Unlike bacteria, they multiply only within the host cell. Ozone destroys viruses by diffusing through the protein coat into the nucleic acid core, resulting in damage of the viral RNA. At higher concentrations, ozone destroys the capsid or exterior protein shell by oxidation.

Numerous families of viruses including poliovirus I and 2, human rotavruses, Norwalk virus, Parvoviruses, and Hepatitis A, B and non-A non-B are among many others that are susceptible to the virucidal actions of ozone.

Most research efforts on ozone's virucidal effects have centered upon ozone's propensity to break apart lipid molecules at sites of multiple bond configuration. Indeed, once the lipid envelope of the virus is fragmented, its DNA or RNA core cannot survive.

Non-enveloped viruses (Adenoviridae, Picornaviridae, namely poliovirus, Coxsachie, Echovirus, Rhinovirus, Hepatitis A and E, and Reoviridae (Rotavirus), have also begun to be studied. Viruses that do not have an envelope are called "naked viruses." They are constituted of a nucleic acid core (made of DNA or RNA) and a nucleic acid coat, or capsid, made of protein. Ozone, however, aside from its well-recognized action upon unsaturated lipids, can also interact with certain proteins and their constituents, namely amino acids. Indeed, when ozone comes in contact with capsid proteins, protein hydroxides and protein hydroxides and protein hydroperoxides are formed. Viruses have no protections against oxidative stress.

The enveloped viruses are usually more sensitive to physico-chemical challenges than are naked virions. Although ozone's effects upon unsaturated lipids is one of its best documented biochemical action, ozone is known to interact with proteins, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids.

The new coronavirus is an enveloped virus.

There are many types of Ozone generators on the market from huge machines that costs a couple of thousand US Dollars to simple ones that can be bought online from shoppe, lazada etc for as low asThai Baht 350. or about US$10. These are normally used to wash vegetables etc but can also be used to disinfect small room of sizes about 25 to 30 sqm.There are also many shops and web stores in Thailand selling these ozone generators.

A portable ozone generator that are being sold online

Typically ozone generators should only be utilized by trained personnel as ozone is dangerous to humans. It could destroy your cells lining the mouth area, nasal pathways as well as your lungs. It has the capacity to cause cell mutations and cause cancer. And for all those with othe underlying disease, brief contact with it could be dangerous.

With all the small ozone generators for small room disinfection, be sure you have a timer rather than be in the area when the device is on. The device ought to be operated with windows closed no living thing in the area including pets for approximately 10 to quarter-hour. (these small machines experience a lesser ozone volume output, thus a longer period is preferred.) Usually do not go in to the room for finally 3 hours and upon entering, wear a mask and open all windows and air the area for about quarter-hour 1st before stepping back.

(PS: Ozone is really dangerous. It is not to end up being used to take care of any disease or end up being consumed or inhaled at all. Ozone really is only used to disinfect areas)

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Research Studies Provide Verification that You Can Decrease Low Back Pain and discomfort having a Massage Chair

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This reclining chair is an advancement in overall health technological know-how. It is equipped with deep cells Shiatsu techniques that range from massages with fingers, thumbs, and palms to assisted back stretchings and joint manipulation. The computer human body scan technology delivers neck to waist, waist to lower back, lower back to buttocks, buttocks to mid-back massages. It is the perfect remedy for a tired body and an aching lower back. The Kahuna LM6800 ROBOTIC MASSAGE CHAIR is a good choice if you are searching for a massage chair in an appealing price range to help you relieve lower back pain at home. This reclining chair has 383 testimonials on Amazon. 73% of those consumers provided this massage chair the maximum rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Check the entire video recording at alleviate lower back again pain, relieve lower back and hip pain, Alleviate Lower Back Pain at Home, full body robotic massage chair, heated robotic massage chair recliner, heated massage seats reviews, reduce lower back tension, relieve lower back muscle spasm, relieve back pressure, relieve back stiffness, alleviate lower back spasm, alleviate lower back and hip pain, back pain treatment methods

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Restorative massage Therapies That provide Treatment for All Problems

Advantages of a Massaging Recliner

Just out studies also show that 76 million Americans experience backaches, headaches or collar discomfort. Massage chairs at this moment give you more procedures than ever before to calm those jangling nerves. The physical many advantages provided by automatic massage chairs are excellent. Advocates of robotic therapeutic massage chairs have stated that the seats have cured hundreds of conditions and ailments: everything from back aches to intestinal challenges; head aches to insomnia; anxiousness to depression; and an extensive collection of other widespread illnesses. Skeptics have and then go through the total body therapeutic massage possibilities of the greatest robotic massage chair models in order to become serious believers in the many health advantages that robotic therapeutic massage chairs determine. Lots of people wrongly expect that most of their body pains and aches are the consequence of sore bones and important joints, and while this may be established in several cases, it is the muscles that 're normally causing the aches. A higher feature robotic massage recliner can help to lessen or bump off the discomfort caused by strained, overworked muscles. Rest from muscle tightness all through the body, including extreme back and collar inflexibility and agony, can be considered a direct advantage of the chair massage therapy techniques provided by way of a high feature robotic therapeutic massage recliner. Choosing a massage chair is a massive decision and purchasing online makes it even more difficult since there is so many chair to choose from. Many people are different so which massage chair is correct for you or your loved ones? So before buying one you might want to choose a good robotic massage chair review to get more information. Rates for a massage therapist may differ from $40 to $100 an hour with respect to the therapist's level of training and the place they are situated in. Massage chairs aren't cheap and can are expensive. Prices differ from about 200$ for basic therapeutic massage pillow like homedics shiatsu massage cushion to almost 8000$ for hi-tech massage recliner like Inada sogno dreamwave. But as time passes, a therapeutic massage recliner pays for itself and determine many physical benefits. Other factors of cost benefits are other family members utilizing the massage chair. In addition, some massage chairs are substantially stylish and are a good looking addition to any household d?cor. Massage seats today boast new movements and deep-tissue kneading. The chairs refined touch is a result of research into the motions of specialist massage therapists. Some manufacturers even put sensors on therapists hands to footprint the moves they make and then try to clone those goes when they design the rollers, air hand bags massage nodes that are in the seats. Manufacturers say these chair now deliver the same benefits as that of a hands-on rubdown. And I totally agree.Massage Therapies That Cure All Problems

Massage Therapies That Remedy All Ills

Massaging has been an accepted way of inducing the healing up process for a large number of years. However when looking for distressing and loosening up after a hectic trip to work, people also sometimes have a massage. Of course massage is available for one to use and can be a great tonic to the frantic lifestyles that people are used to. Whilst we know of more eighty various style or types of therapeutic massage, this article will just concentrate on the top tem as it were. That way, we can cover the basic principles behind each one, with fair clarity. Firstly we are going to take a glance at something called Swedish massage which is typically the most popular technique practiced in North America. Swedish massage contains long firm strokes applied by the masseur/masseuse, with some round actions and also some kneading of the muscles. A small amount of lotion or essential oil is usually applied to the body, which is then proved helpful to make a more pleasurable de-stressing experience. After Swedish massage comes Aromatherapy. The two are identical in physical execution but in Aromatherapy, a scented essential oil is introduced into the process. The essential oil aroma is the merchandise of plant components and the topic can select a particular smell that appeals to him/her. The essential oil, whilst allowing the action of the therapeutic massage to be smoother and therefore more soothing also adds a certain mental calmness into the process through its association in the subject's psyche. Heat, or warmness is the primary element found in our next chosen massage; hot stone therapeutic massage. Special rocks are warmed before being lain on your skin over the affected muscle area. The transfer of warmness from the rocks in to the muscle brings about a healing and soothing sensation. If any certain muscles are in need of more attention, the masseur/masseuse may also use physical therapeutic massage. This sort of massage is said to sooth your brain as well as getting comfort to the muscles. In some instances, particularly where in fact the affected muscle areas lie deeper, it is necessary to employ a technique known as deep tissue massage therapy, or the friction technique. With this form of massage, the masseur/masseuse use strong, gradual squeezes to massage the muscles. It can be used in situations of severe muscle cramps, and where people are suffering from more chronic muscle pain. It is known to aid position as well to be used in a recuperative fashion after damage. Shiatsu massage originated in Japan and it has close associations with acupuncture. The goal of this particular style of therapeutic massage is to enhance the body's energy circulation through the use of fingertip pressure to various point on the body. The fingertips apply this pressure for between two to eight secs. The procedure is repeated all around the body in sort of ritual routine. Thai massage is comparable in concept to Shiatsu. This too is designed to enhance the body's stream of natural energy and it is administered through the fingertips by pursuing certain historic routines. Women's bodies proceed through exceptional changes during pregnancy; extra weight responsibility, and an extra drain on energy and nourishment. Pregnancy massage can help to relieve pain and improve general wellbeing. Reflexology is another branch of massage, this time associated with the feet. It maintains our feet are related to different body organs through special pressure factors which manipulation of these pressure points can result in enhanced well being. For whatever you sporting people, therapeutic massage can be a blessing. Playing sports is one of the primary causes of muscle damage and stress, so sports massage plays an important part in getting you back again to maximum fitness and helping you to get over muscle damage. Finally there is back massage, surely one of the most crucial types of massage particularly if you are one of the many millions who have problems with back pain. Properly implemented back therapeutic massage can be a great boon. Massage is quite a complex field depending on what it was created to do and how it does it. Which method is right for Massage Therapies That Cure All Problems

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STUDY on WEB MD Demonstrates that Massage Relieves Back Pain

Kahuna Full-Body L-Track ROBOTIC MASSAGE CHAIR - A GOOD Investment

Looking for an inexpensive, affordable solution to generate quick relief from constant pain? Do you prefer the thought of owning a robotic massage chair, but want to find one that won’t take up an inordinate amount of space? Are you tired of struggling with shoulder, upper back, mid-back, or lower back pain? Then you should seriously investigate the benefits of purchasing a full body massage chair with heating built-in technology for your home. Technology has advanced a lot. And the therapeutic massage chairs of today have a lot more features than the earlier models. Today's massage chair is specifically designed with a number of those pain prone areas at heart. The internet makes it possible to read product critiques written by verified customers.

The solid reviews by satisfied, as well as unsatisfied, buyers can go a long way to help you make a decision about whether you should purchase a product. It really is clear that investing in a massage chair to help alleviate lower back pain is an excellent decision. A huge selection of reviews by satisfied customers underscore that the Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair is a solid choice if you are searching for a robotic massage chair which has all the necessary and desired features, is durable and well built and is available in an affordable price range to help you relieve lower back pain at home. Browse the entire story.

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